Our Team

Our Team

Whether you need an instrument calibrated, a minor repair, a major repair, a site visit scheduled or a delivery arranged, we are here to help.

AML is a close knit team of highly skilled, professionally trained calibration engineers, dedicated and friendly customer service team and an expert management team. We all have the same goal: to give you piece of mind that your equipment is calibrated and in full working order so you can concentrate on your patients.

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Management Team

David Canning sm

David Canning
Technical Director

Tom O'Neil sm

Tom O’Neill
Technical Manager

Customer Support Team

Nadia Clark sm

Nadia Clark
Administration Manager

Jennifer White
Administration Manager

Dawn Fletcher
Site Services Coordinator

Calibration and Repair Team

Murji Lachhani
Regional Manager – London

Alasdair Mackenzie
On-Site Calibration Engineer

James Noon
On-Site Calibration Engineer

Matthew Roach
On-Site Calibration Engineer

Neil Hytch
On-Site Calibration Engineer

Colin Lambie
Repair/Calibration Engineer

Stephen Smith
Divisional Manager Ireland